Teacher vs. Learner

Although well-document in the context of education and training, the relation between the social roles of a teacher and a learner is constantly evolving along with society. The definitions of what a teacher is and what a learner is, are constantly reframed and sometimes hard to agree on. The following essay tries to capture and emphasise the problems involved in education and the complexity underlying in its application in society.

Who is the learner who is the teacher ? […]

Teacher vs. Learner ? (1)

[…] How and why does anyone become a teacher for a worldwide community ?

Similar questions arise throughout the years people spend going at school. […]

Teacher vs. Learner ! (2)

What does it mean to know ? […]

Questions about the very nature of knowledge are related to the field of epistemology. […]

Teacher vs. Learner + (3)

All in all, the roles of a teacher and a learner are definitely not evident to define generically. […]

Still, teaching is evolving with society.[…]

Teacher vs. Learner – (4)

Would the one to be the teacher be the one with Google at hand ? […]

In this midst of confusion, I would like to defend the role of the teacher. […]

Teacher vs. Learner … (5)