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Like most of the bloggers in the world, I am a traveler. Of course, to do so, I cross a lot of borders to do so, visit a lot of places, walk and hike here and there.  In other words, I love to travel around the world. However, it is not the only way I travel. In fact, there is a second way through which I travel. When I do so, I usually settle down, do not move, do not think, but only observe. Shortly after then, it is the world that starts to travel around me. From what I see, I start to wonder, then to think and finally return from a journey amidst the realm of thoughts with a wit idea.

When I get back to where I came from, I get a compelling urge to report from what I have perceived. As a result, the articles or the quotes I write emerge from the fears, wishes, impressions, scenes, various emotions I had felt throughout my numerous travels. Thereby, I place myself as a witness of my own times, which is actually a derived form from what any author or artist is.

My articles are unusually long and unsuited for internet surfing. Nonetheless, even if surfing is a swift and fast reacting sport, I wish to fight against the wave of fast concluding monopolar thinking that has conquered the internet.

The polemics I raise, the questions I ask, the answers I propose are part of the landmarks I would like to leave behind. Though I know it is not up to me to hope to resolve the unfairness and inequalities in the world, I believe those can heal in the far future if I succeed in defining what it means to be human in the modern world.


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